21.11.2016 Clinical

RegJoint in MCP joints in hand, short term results

Clinical short term results of RegJoint implant in MCP joints in hand. Honkanen PB, Kellomäki M, Lehtimäki MY et al. Bioreconstructive joint scaffold implant arthroplasty in metacarpophalangeal joints: short-term results of a new treatment concept in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Published in Tissue Engineering. 2003, 9: 957–65

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16.11.2016 Clinical

RegJoint in MCP revisions

This article contains short term RegJoint results after MCP revisions. Ikävalko M, Skyttä E, Belt E: One-Year Results of Use of Poly-L/D-Lactic Acid JointScaffolds and Bone Packing in Revision Metacarpophalangeal Arthroplasty. Published in Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume, 2007) 32E: 4: 427–433

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