RegJoint™ is an implant designed for small joints in hand and feet for rheumatoid and osteoarthritis patients.

RegJoint™ has proven to provide excellent pain relief and functionality to operated joints for over 10 years.

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What is RegJoint™?

RegJoint is a bioresorbable implant meant for surgical treatment for small joint arthrosis in hands and feet. It is a porous device made of well-known lactic acid based fibrous material. RegJoint is a tissue engineered solution using body´s own healing mechanism to create a pseudo joint. RegJoint is guiding normal scar formation in joint cavity after a surgical operation, forming a flexible connective tissue. In 3 months this tissue is strong enough to act as a joint. Now RegJoint is no longer needed and its´ degradation starts. In 2 to 3 years RegJoint disappears from the joint cavity the only degradation products being water and carbon dioxide.

Is RegJoint™ suitable for me?

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The ideal solution for individuals experiencing pain in small joints caused by arthrosis. This can include rheumatoid arthrosis, osteoarthrosis, arthrosis developed after a trauma and psoriatic or other cartilage disturbance caused arthrosis.

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RegJoint is targeted to small joints in hands and feet. Unfortunately RegJoint is not suitable for knee, hip or spine surgery and those allergic to polylactide polymer.

How does RegJoint™ work?

RegJoint is fixed to its place between the resected bone ends in the joint cavity. As the healing process starts, connective tissue cells will attach to the fibers of RegJoint. Implant’s porous structure enables the free nutrition flow to these cells and cell waste elimination enhancing the cell welfare. The cells start to produce new flexible connective tissue which will mature in three months’ time to be able to act as a new, durable joint.

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When pain and stiffness limit your ability for daily activities and before you enter into arthrodeses or prosthesis.

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