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The new exclusive insert design is applicable for wider range of test samples than before. The sample is assembled between the upper and lower parts, which distance can be adjusted by turning according to thickness of the sample. This allows attachment of different thicknesses of samples, sensitive fragile materials as well as block like samples. The height of the inserts can be adjusted in the well. The inserts are tested with Corning and Nunc well plate models and they work with others, too, when the inner diameter of the wells is within the same dimensions. The inserts are available as sterile (gamma-irradiated) and non-sterile. Gamma irradiated inserts are yellowish in color due to effect of radiation. Non-sterile inserts are transparent. These inserts are for single use, only, due to risk of cross contamination and wearing of the material between cleaning and sterilization cycles. This is the only cell culture insert in the market, which is provided as empty and which is easy to load with the researchers own sample material.  Further information in this link.