27.09.2018 Events

DGH Mannheim Rosengarten 11.-13.10.2018

Dears DGH participants,

We would like to welcome you to Scaffdex Booth #33 in annual German Hand Surgeon meeting in Mannheim. Both representatives of Scaffdex and RegJoint German distributor Mr. Janelt are available for further introduction and discussion of RegJoint small joint implant.

Scaffdex Customer Service

27.09.2018 Events

European Foot Surgeons (EFAS) in Geneva 4.-6.10.2018

Welcome to Scaffdex Booth #23 in EFAS Geneva. Peter Daetwyler, representative of our Swiss collaborating distributor and RegJoint product manager Maarit Forstén welcome warmly  you for introduction of RegJoint implant in foot indications,

No more fusion but maintenance of biomechanics of fore foot!

Scaffdex Customer Service


07.09.2018 Events

ESB Biomaterial meeting in Maastricht, September 10th - 13th, 2018

Welcome to Scaffdex booth #13 in ESB meeting in Maastricht in September 10th - 13th, 2018. We warmly welcome you for introduction of our new CellCrownNX models for 12 and 24 well -plates and some our collaborators with fancy material samples,

Congress web site

See you there!

24.11.2017 Events

RegJoint workshop in Tampere Surgical Education Centre in June 7th, 2018

This is the first announcement of RegJoint workshop here in Tampere, Finland. Location is the familiar Tampere Surgical Education Centre and time is in June 7th, 2018. Further information and reservations in email orders@scaffdex.com.

24.11.2017 Events

Dr. Mark Rawlins instructing in EWAS advanced training course in Strassbourg 24.-25.11.2017

We have a pleasure to announce Scaffdex participation in EWAS advanced training course 2017. We would like to thank professor Mathoulin for inviting us. This is a great opportunity to meet top hand surgeons from the various countries. Additionally we would like to bring up that in this year also Finnish expert Dr. Mark Rawlins from Mehilainen / Hospital Neo is in the role of instructor in this event. We wish very pleasant and fruitful training event for the participants.


15.11.2017 Events

25th Foot surgeon symposium in Munich 1st-2nd December 2017

We have a pleasure to participate this event the first time. Welcome to Scaffdex booth for further information of RegJoint implant, which maintains the mobility of joints. Keep moving NO to fusion!


20.09.2017 Events

IFFAS / EFAS congress in Lisbon Portugal, September 28 - 30, 2017

Welcome to Scaffdex booth #39 for further information of RegJoint implants in small joints of foot. No more fusions of MTP1, but maintenance of biomechanics of fore foot. We are looking forward our first participation in this international IFFAS / EFAS meeting, which is organized in every third year. See you there! Regards Tuija and Maarit

01.09.2017 Events

ESB 2017 in Athens, Greece

Dear CellCrown Customer,

I have a pleasure to invite you to visit our booth 20 in ESB 2017 meeting in Athens, Greece in the first week of September, 4th - 8th, 2017. I am looking forward this opportunity to introduce our next generation of CellCrown inserts for 12- and 24-well plates, CellCrown12NX and CellCrown24NX. Welcome!


For Scaffdex Customer Service,

Tuija Annala

09.03.2017 Events

Updated program for RegJoint workshop in June th, 2017

Dear Friends,

Please, find enclosed the latest version of our becoming workshop. We have pleasure to introduce our new trainer Dr. Jurij Stalc and inform you about the University credit points of this course.

We are looking forward to meet you in June and do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service (orders@scaffdex.com) for this event!

Updated program